IV Notes
Torres del Paine
Long distance hikes in Patagonia
There are two popular routes: "W" (shorter) and "O" (longer). Camping is allowed only in official spots. All accommodation has to be booked in advance, it is strictly enforced, otherwise you won't be allowed to enter the park.
There are three companies providing camping sites and accommodation: CONAF (governmental), Fantastico Sur and Vertice.
Lifehack: book "Chileno" camp site first, since it tends to be very busy, adjust the rest of the tour to that.



Torres del Paine official map PDF
Camping spots
3D map with days for O circuit


CONAF (free, governmental, very quick to fill out)

Link for reservations -- currently (early Jan 2020) January and February 2020 are fully booked, the first available day is 7th of March.
    Italiano (on "W")
    Paso (on "O")
    Torres (on "W") - closed?
CONAF campsites overview

Vertice Patagonia

    Los perros
    Paine Grande
Overview of Vertice campsites

Fantastico Sur

Link for reservations -- it looks like the web site is down on weekends!
    Los Cuernos
    Las Torres ("Campsite Central" on the image below)
Fantastico Sur campsites overview

Routes, times and distances


"O" Route

    Day 1. Las Torres - Seron. 16.5 km. 4 hr.
    Day 2. Seron - Dickson. 18 km. 6 hr
    Day 3. Dickson - Los Perros. 12 km. 4:30 hr
    Day 4. Los Perros - Paso. 8 km. 6 hr. 680 m ascent. 800 m descent. Paso is already fully booked for Jan/Feb 2020
    Day 5. Paso - Grey. 10 km, 4 hr.
    Day 6. Grey - Paine Grande. 11 km. 3-4 hr. 300m ascent. 300m descent.
    Day 7. Paine Grande - Los Cuernos. 13 km. 4 hr.
    Day 8. Los Cuernos - Las Torres. 11km. 3 hr. 160m ascent. 100m descent.

"W" route (east to west)

    Day 1. Las Torres - Torres Lookout - Las Torres (4 hours x 2)
    Day 2. Las Torres - Los Cuernos. 11.6 km. 4:30. (or camp Francese). 100m ascent. 160m descent.
    Day 3. Valle des Frances. Camp at Britanico or Italiano. 520 m ascent/descent.
    Day 4. Britanico/Italian to Paine Grande.
    Day 5. Paine Grande - Grey. (and back?)
    Day 6. Grey - Administracia.

"W" route (DK version)

    Night 1. Lake Pehoe.
    Night 2. Paine Grande.
    Night 3. Grey.
    Night 4. Paine Grande.
    Night 5. Frances.
    Night 6. Chileno.

"W" route (StingyNomads version) - 5 days version.

Hiking the W trek in Torres del Paine - a detailed guide - STINGY NOMADS
    Night 1. Grey. (coming from Puerto Natales in the morning).
    Night 2. Paine Grande.
    Night 3. Italiano/Frances.
    Night 4. Chileno.
    Night 5. Puerto Natales.
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