Technical newsletters

A list of interesting newsletters (mostly about programming)

I find weekly newsletters a convenient way for digesting information. It works as follows: someone knowledgeable prepares a curated list of links on a particular topic: articles, blog posts, news, pull requests, etc. and sends it weekly by e-mail to all subscribers. Then you can save time by skimming through the best links on, say, Friday instead of reading them one by one throughout the week.

Currently subscribed to:

  • Hacker Newsletter - "Best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from Hacker News". If you choose the only one of those I recommend this newsletter, it's simply the best.

  • Better Dev Link - "Weekly links to help you become a better developer"

  • This Week in Rust - "Handpicked Rust updates, delivered to your inbox"

  • Haskell Weekly - "Each issue features several hand-picked links to interesting content about Haskell from around the web."

  • Julia Evans blog weekly digest - great technical blog covering many topics in a simple to understand manner, I would call it project-oriented.


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